To find great talent, look no further.

Bootstrap Denton isn’t just a celebration of the community, it’s our way of providing an opportunity to get the community together.

We know our community is incredibly diverse and talented - we’ve seen it. We’re stacked with all types of creatives who work in so many different industries. World class developers, designers, marketers, project managers, business analysts, etc. There is no shortage of talent in Denton.

We want to showcase that, and provide opportunities for collaboration and work. Maybe you’re looking to pick up a new project, or look for an internship. Maybe you’re a company who is hiring and require a unique skillset. You’ll find it right here in Denton.

TechMill has launched something called the Denton Tech Switchboard, a place for people looking for jobs, and jobs looking for people. But we need you to fill it up! Post your project, or your skills, and collaborate on awesome projects in the Denton tech community.


Are you hiring? Need help with a project? Looking for a freelancer?

This option is for you. Post an Ask with information about your project or job offer!

  • Types of skills needed
  • Part-time, Full-time, contract, etc.
  • Project requirements
  • Remote working
  • Etc.


You have skills. You're a student / freelancer / looking for a job.

Post about yourself. What skills do you bring to the table? Don't hold back, show off who you really are.

  • Designer, developer, marketer, etc.
  • Experienced in Photoshop, Android / iOS, Mailchimp, Marketo, etc.
  • Looking for project / part-time / full-time position

Find a gig in Denton today, post on Switchboard.

Ask or Offer


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You, the community, is what keeps us going. We're always putting on new and exciting events in Denton, and we'd love to see you there!